When Jaycee Chan appeared in his trial the other day, it was the first time the world including his famous father Jackie Chan has seen him since he was arrested for marijuana-related violations in China in August, 2014. His parents were not present, and Jaycee was all alone as he pleaded guilty to all the charges. So did he receive a fair trial and sentence?

On January 9, 32-year old Jaycee Chan, looking gaunt, appeared at the Dongcheng District People's Court in Beijing for his trial. He was sentenced to 6 months of prison term and a fine of 2,000 yuan (about US$322). Jaycee pleaded guilty to all charges.

Before he was sentenced, Jaycee stated publicly, "I violated the law and should be punished. I have harmed many people. I will never violate the law again when I return to the society. With the punishment, it doesn't mean I will be forgiven. I hope to receive forgiveness from everyone through my future actions."

The trial was surprisingly open, and the photos posted in this article came from the Dongcheng court's weibo social-media account. Jaycee was previously reported to face a possible penalty of up to three years for harboring other users to use marijuana at his residence. The prosecutors recommended the lighter sentence on account of Jaycee's good attitude during his arrest and his voluntary admission to the police during the investigation.

With time already served since he was detained, Jaycee could be out of prison on February 13, just in time to celebrate this year's Lunar New Year on February 19. It would be the happiest news to his mother, former actress Lin Feng-Jiao, who has stayed home-bound for almost 5 months due to distress over Jaycee's arrest. Whenever he is allowed to return to Taiwan, Jayce will finally be able to read all the letters she's written to him. However, just as it was with fellow Taiwanese actor Kai Ko who was arrested during the same incident, he would likely face a new inquiry and possible charges in Taiwan according to Taiwanese laws.

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