Jackson is grandma's favorite!

Recently, the Dream Knight actor shared a sweet selfie via Instagram with his cute grandmother.  The 22 year-old idol gushed about the close bond they shared and expressed his love for her in a long message. Jackson reminisced about the fond memories of visiting his grandparents home once a year in Shanghai when he was a child. 

"Even though the visit was only for about two months, it was a precious and memorable time for me. I still remember taking the elevator from the ground floor and before the elevator door even opened, I could hear my grandma screaming, "GA GA! GA GA! (my name in Chinese) And as soon as the elevator door opened, I ran into my grandma's arm and hugged her so hard. She would always pat my head."

The GOT7 rapper continued his heartfelt message by talking about the tasty treats that were always waiting for him at their house. "And when I entered the house, I would rush to the fridge LOL to get soft drinks and ice cream, cake, chocolate and all sorts of tasty food. And lastly, I would sit by myself on the floor and start eating. Haha and at night she would cook noodles called "pao pao mian" for me and my cousin. Time flies, Grandma! Thanks for always loving me. You have to stay healthy, and I really love you grandma. I love you ❤️ #jacksonwang

That is so sweet! Who knew idols could be so sentimental? Jackson knows how to touch IGOT7s' hearts. Next month, GOT7 embarks on their FLY In USA tour to greet their American fans once again. 

What do think about his loving message to his grandma?


Dream Knight

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Source: Jackson's Instagram