Jackson keeps it platonic. The Got 7 member attended a showcase for his group's first album, titled Identify, at the AX-Korea today. During the happy event, he discussed his friendships with fellow Roommate cast members KARA's Young Ji and comedian Lee Guk Joo.  

"I′m just really close with Young Ji. About us being 'some' [having a relationship understanding], I don′t know what 'some′ really is," he responded when asked if he will be romantically pair up with either lady on the program. "I feel like Guk Joo is my biological older sister. She takes care of me just like my sister. I really like her. She seems to like Seo Kang Jun more, but what can I do?"

Jackson joined the reality program Roommate in September. His group Got 7 releases Identify on November 18. The music video for their title track "Stop, Stop It" was uploaded on YouTube yesterday.

Check out the full-length music video below:

See Jackson and his buddies in action on the latest episode of Roommate:

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