On March 11, Jackson Want fell ill during his k-pop group's Excursion with GOT7 fan-meeting in Seoul. Fans and news sites alike began recounting stories of the 22 year-old idol vomiting and losing consciousness at the event. The hashtag #GetWellSoonJackson even began trending on social media over the weekend. His agency, JYP Entertainment, finally made the official announcement today about Jackson's future plans following his brief hospital stay. 

"Hello, this is JYPE. We are letting you know that Jackson will not be participating in any schedules until the 19th. 

As we let you know in the previous announcement, the hospital diagnosis did not find anything wrong with him, but he will be resting and focusing on recovering. If there are extra schedule changes, we will let you know in a future announcement.

We apologize for worrying many fans, and we will do our best so Jackson can come back to fans healthily. Thank you."

It's a relief to hear that the Dream Knight actor will be alright after such a shocking health scare! He is one of more active members of GOT7 with his appearances on several variety shows like Roommate, SBS' Law of the Jungle and JBTC's Please Take Care of My Refrigerator over the years. He juggles a hectic schedule with his music career and TV programs. GOT7 makes their "Never Ever" comeback on weekly music shows this week, but Jackson plans to join his boys next week after a much needed rest.

Get well soon, Jackson!

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