Jaden Smith is an 18 year-old with goals and aspirations, just like any other young adult. But unlike most kids his age, Jaden already has released a record, been in a number of major motion pictures, and even started his own clothing label. So what else is there left to accomplish? Plenty, according to the quirky teen himself, who just revealed that he has dreams of becoming a K-pop star!

Jaden Smith seems pretty serious about this, and he's letting the world know. Just about two weeks ago, Jaden expressed his admiration for BIGBANG's G-Dragon, tweeting, "G-Dragon is my inspiration." G-Dragon responded with a suggestion that they collaborate in the near future, and the possibility of the two stars working together became a reality. And yesterday, Jaden Smith made another tweet regarding K-pop, and it read, "I Just Wanna Be A K Pop Star." A few hours after that tweet, he followed with, "I'm Serious I Actually Wanna Be A K Pop Star." 

Despite being known more as an actor, mostly for his appearances in the Pursuit of Happiness (with his dad), The Karate Kid, and After Earth (with his dad), Jaden has found success in the music industry as well, having released over twelve singles and even been featured in Justin Bieber's hit, "Never Say Never," back in 2011. If he's actually serious about this Kpop thing, and it surely looks like he is, we may be seeing Jaden Smith touring Korea and the world in the near future, not as a Hollywood celebrity or rapper, but as the K-pop idol he always wanted to be.

Already an idol in Korea