In episode 3 of the new drama HealerPark Min Young dances and sings to TVXQ's song "Hug." According to the actress, she prepared for this scene with help from none other than Jaejoong himself!

At the December 16 press conference for Healer, Park Min Young explained that once she saw that the script required her to dance to "Hug," she started studying TVXQ's choreography from YouTube so that she could use some of their signature moves. She then said, "I had worked with Kim Jaejoong in a previous project, and when he heard from a friend (that I was doing the choreography for ‘Hug’), he recorded the point choreography and sent it to me. But it was too hard, so I wasn’t able to dance it (well).”

Park Min Young previously teamed up with Jaejoong for the time travel drama Dr. Jin. She also co-starred with fellow JYJ member Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, so maybe he could have been a backup plan if Jaejoong hadn't helped!

In the dance scene, Park Min Young's character dances and sings in her bedroom, not realizing that Ji Chang Wook's character is hiding under her bed the entire time! You can watch her moves at work in episode 3 of Healer:

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