There is just so much going on in this photo Jaejoong tweeted, that I really dont know where to start! I'm totally about to break this photo down because it's JUST THAT INTERESTING! Okay, so first of all, JJ keeps it high class: notice the bottle on ice and glasses. This makes sense to me because even though I've seen JJ down some Soju, he just looks more of a wine type of guy, you know what I mean? Let's now move to his outfit, which is like the chic version of Hyun Bin's tracksuit in Secret Garden.

Now someone help me out here, but is he wearing patent leather skinnys, patent kneehigh boots, or is there something on the table? Notice his friend on the end rocking out in that black fur, and looking somewhat like Park Ki Woong. But let's be honest, we're all wondering what exactly Jaejoong is doing beside that friend with the glasses!? His friend in the Fair Isle pattern pants is apparently wondering the same thing. This is like the perfect photo to caption! Caption the photo in the comments box below!