Since 2009, Jang Geun Suk has been helping children in need around the world, and late last month, he saved the life of a Mongolian teenager who has been battling an aggressive form of ovarian cancer. 

“I was desperate after I was diagnosed and underwent my first surgery in Mongolia. Jang’s support helped me recover.” Without the expenses to cover her treatment, the unnamed girl's prognosis was not looking good by any means. So Jang Geun Suk did was he's been doing for eight years now, which is helping children deal with their dire medical situations. According to the actor's management company, Jang paid for the teenager's flight from Mongolia and further expenses, so that she could receive better quality care and fully recover at a hospital in Korea. Through relief organization World Vision, the generous star has saved the lives of over 100 children since 2009. That's a lot of lives.

Not yet 30 years old, the actor still has many years of good work ahead, both on screen and off. There's no doubt he will be affecting a lot more lives, in whatever way he can.


Lovely Love Lie (The Liar and His Lover)

Starring Lee Hyun Woo and Park Soo Young (Joy)

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