Over the weekend, Jang Geun Suk and his agency shared updated plans for his enlistment. Unbeknown to everyone, he’d been suffering from a bipolar disorder since 2011. The diagnosis gave him a “level four military service” label, which prevented him from joining the army but put him in civilian service instead. The Daebak actor wrote to fans to share the news, saying he’ll spend the two years “meaningfully.”

His agency Tree J released a thorough official statement, detailing on the bipolar disorder and the level four label. Read the full statement below.

“Hello. This is Tree J Company.
“We are delivering our official statement on actor Jang Geun Suk’s enlistment.
“Jang Geun Suk was determined to be a level 4 soldier due to having bipolar disorder when undergoing the physical examination from the Military Manpower Administration. He will begin his military duties when enlisting on July 16. Following this he plans on being a public service worker for two years.
“Due to concerns of crowding and causing trouble to others, he planned on enlisting quietly without informing others. However, he wanted to personally inform fans who have supported him and stayed by his side for 27 years. After he wrote his message on his homepage, we are now relaying our official statement, so we ask for your understanding regarding the late notice.
“Jang Geun Suk was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a university hospital in 2011 and has been asked to be re-examined at every physical examination after this one. The actor’s side has never requested a delay in military enlistment; he has faithfully complied with the Military Manpower Association’s requests for re-examination. Recently, he received his military enlistment notice as a level 4 public service worker.
“Physical examination grade reasons are classified as private information. The fact that we are revealing the status of his health is something we are cautious about.
“However, Jang Geun Suk knows very well that he exists and grew thanks to fans’ interest and love. Even though this is an extremely personal problem, we thought it was our responsibility to clearly inform the public.
“Jang Geun Suk did his best to overcome bipolar disorder and worked very hard to find his own balance even while experiencing side effects from this process. He is sorry that he could not get satisfactory results.
“Jang Geun Suk will receive basic training as a public service worker on July 16 and complete the alternative military service for two years. He will faithfully complete whatever duties he receives with responsibility.
“We will do our best so that he can return healthier and more mature. Thank you.”

As the agency stated, Jang Geun Suk also wrote to fans to deliver the enlistment news himself.

“I’m not sure where to start…
“I hesitated and worried for a long time.
“However, more than anything else I think it’s right for me to greet eels (fan nickname) first.
“Let’s say goodbye temporarily.
“Hello (hello and goodbye are the same in Korean) is a word for when you’re happy to see someone you haven’t met in a long time and it’s also a word for when you feel regret when saying goodbye. This time it’s unfortunately the goodbye type..
“Everyone must have prepared their hearts to a certain degree, but now that I said it myself it feels like reality right?
“It’s a time that has come to me as well and I’m just calmly waiting.
“I am a bit flustered as I came to go at a much later age than others..^^
“When I look back I was able to finish 2017 and start 2018 with you guys.
“There’s already only half a year left and time is passing quickly as always, so I feel more regret about saying farewell.
“I want to spend the two years that will be given to me now as a meaningful time.
“After debuting at a young age, for 27 years I never once rested. “I don’t think I ever had time completely to myself.
“We’re resting briefly.
“Everyone take care of your health and don’t get sick..
“I love you.
“If you cheat, you die.”

During the ‘Switch’ press conference in April, Jang Geun Suk suggested that it would most likely be his last drama before enlistment. He said, “I think this drama will be my last [before the military]. So there’s a greater responsibility. I’m doing my best when filming each scene to create a character of [a] lifetime,” Geun Suk said, adding that he had wanted to film more often (“one to two dramas a year”), and that he’s the happiest when performing in front of a camera.

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