It's always refreshing to hear positive news about our favorite Korean stars and their fans doing good in the world. Jang Geun Suk's fan club CriJ is the latest fan group that has banded together to help others, using donations to fund a cochlear implant for a young child.

According to Snails of Love, an organization that works to support those with hearing impairment, CriJ donated 6 million won (approximately 5100 USD) that they raised during an August fundraiser in honor of Jang Geun Suk's upcoming birthday. Snails of Love was able to use the funds to find a cochlear implant for an underprivileged child. The remainder of the donation will supply three years of speech therapy to the child.

A representative from the CriJ fanclub said that they were saddened by the 1600 infants born each year with hearing impairment and that they made the donation because they “wanted to be of help in finding sound for children who can’t hear.” 

Snails of Love was grateful for the donation, stating, “It is the biggest happiness for us to be able to gift the world’s beautiful sounds through cochlear implant surgeries. In the future, we hope that more cochlear implants can be funded with the attention and help from CriJ and others.” Not only does the organization work to fund cochlear implants for individuals from low-income backgrounds, but it also combats societal prejudice against those who have hearing impairment.

It's beautiful to see fans putting their appreciation for their favorite artists to good use. Jang Geun Suk's fans make a donation each year for his birthday, and they also volunteer at a childcare facility. Many other fan groups also donate time and money to various causes and charitable organizations. Now that's the kind of fan behavior we can encourage!

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