Jang Hyuk, (Chuno, Tazza) appears in the May 2011 issue of W Korea. In it, they go behind the scenes of his latest drama Midas. Below is a little except of what is in the article.

Jang Hyuk W Magazine 2011 Midas

"I met Jang Hyuk for the first time inside Time Square early in the morning. He kept mumbling the script he had to memorize. Near the middle part of the series, the airing date catches up to the shooting dates. It’s same with Midas, so the script seems to have been completed only few hours ago in the early morning. It must have been exhausting, but he said he’s used to it so it’s not so difficult anymore. Then he walked right into his character, 'Kim Doh Hyun' in just a few steps." Jang Hyuk W Magazine 2011 Midas 3 Jang Hyuk W Magazine 2011 Midas 2 See Jang Hyuk on DramaFever! Credits: W Korea