Who thinks Jang Hyuk is an unlikable guy? No one. If you’ve been in K-dramaland long enough, surely you’ve checked out some of his works: Voice, Thank You, Tazza, Fated to Love You, Chuno, and the list goes on. In an interview with Ilgan Sports, the actor, who’s also a father of three kids, talked about his fitness regimen, his wife, whom he fell in love at first sight, friendship with Kim Jong Kook and Cha Tae Hyun, and more. Take a look at some selected questions and answers below.

Ilgan Sports: This is officially our first question. How much do you drink?

Jang Hyuk: I drink two to three cans of beer usually. I can’t do soju. But before starting a drama or at a drama afterparty, I drink some, because drinking bonds us together.

IS: It sounds like you don’t drink much at all.

JH: I do drink when meeting people at bars, but that's rare. I usually like to sip on beer while watching TV at home.

IS: Who do you like to drink with?

JH: I’ve got friends, sunbaes, and groups to drink with, but I don’t go out a lot because of work. It’s only twice or three times a year that I go out to drink. Jong Kook can drink a lot, but he won’t because he works out.

IS: Isn’t Kim Jong Kook the only single man in your group of friends?

JH: I don’t tell him to marry. Not that he would if I said that. I think he’s not ready. If he decides to marry and meets a woman, he’ll change 180 degrees. I think it’s good for him to get ready before starting a family.

IS: You’ve been friends with Cha Tae Hyun since ‘Into the Sunlight’ in 1999.

JH: We became friends through that drama. We still get along well. His film Along with the Gods did so well, but he’s unchanged. He’s the same.

IS: What do you do on your off days?

JH: I work out or visit the office. When I need to take care of the kids, I do that. Other than that, I don’t have much going on. I mostly stay at home. I wasn’t like this when I was a student, but now I only go to the office, boxing club, home, and sometimes a soccer field, in that cycle. It’s really easy to find me.

IS: Why do you work out so much?

JH: Now that I think about it, I’ve been working out for 30 years. I wanted to become an athlete when I was younger. I liked to sweat. And I promised myself to exercise every day. I like the feeling of getting stronger mentally and physically.

IS: You’ve never introduced your family on TV

JH: I think it depends. It’s not too late go public when the child wants it and can stand it. I want to leave it up to them. My life’s been an open book for a long time and I’m used to it, but it can be hard for people who’re not. So I’ve never introduced my wife on TV. I want to keep it that way.

IS: What kind of dad are you?

JH: I’m normal. I try to be affectionate, also to my wife. I wasn’t born romantic, but my personality is a bit romantic. But since I’m an actor, I don’t know when I have to head out to film, which makes it difficult to schedule things. I always want to [do things with the family], but it’s not easy.

IS: You have three children. How’s life as a father of twin boys and a daughter?

JH: I’m always sorry for my wife, because she does most of parenting. I try to do it while off duty, but I fall short compared with other husbands.

IS: How did you meet your wife?

JH: I was walking down the stairs to shower after a workout. She was coming upstairs. I fell in love at first sight. She turned out to be an instructor at the gym. I took her class, but didn’t tell her I liked her right away. It took me three months. I had to be cautious because I wanted her to get to know me first. I was the only guy in the class of 40 women. The ajummas were so interested in me that the first week of class was challenging. I bet my wife thought, ‘What’s he doing there?’ (laughs) because we did a lot of feminine moves.

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