The stars of the upcoming Kdrama Pretty Boy, Jang Keun Suk and IU, were recently captured in not only photos taken during the drama's script reading, but also during a promotional shoot looking what else but pretty!

JKS is sporting a fabulous, long hairdo reminiscent of his You’re Beautiful days, while IU doesn’t disappoint in looking completely cute!

After staring at this photo of IU for awhile, I've become really obsessed with this veil polka dot headband of hers. By the way, she totally looks 13 here right? o_0

IU attempts to be "sexy" and almost pulls it off it weren't for that choker she's wearing taking me back to 1992 (-_-).

And now we're posing with a black flower embellished choker. Hmm love it? Hate it? Better yet, only IU can wear it?

Even though IU is CLEARLY in this photo, all I see is Jang Keun Suk suited up!

JKS, just shut up, sitting there looking sexy with your hand over your mouth displaying chic hair. And shut up, IU, for looking so cute on JKS's lap and having the nerve to wear pretty, shiny pink heels that I want and probably won't ever wear!

Battle of the best hair: JKS wins for his shiny bouncy locks!

IU you look so cute here but your hair looks a tad bit umm...

Pretty Boy is an upcoming K-Drama about a super good looking guy (JKS) and the girl whose had a crush on him forever (IU). Pretty Boy is set to air after the conclusion of Secret some time in November.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE