Pretty Man star, Jang Keun Suk recently sat down for an interview where he revealed an extreme diet technique involving drinking only Soju to achieve quick weight loss goals.

The interview began with talk of his appearance and the question “Do you think you’re pretty?” to which JKS responded with a yes because his mother always told him he was (awwz). He then began talking about the importance of diet and explained that he has two go-to diets when he needs to shed a few pounds.

Plan B is simple enough: he doesn’t like to exercise, so if he really needs to lose a lot of weight he watches what he eats and incorporates exercise regardless of his dislike for it. Plan A is a bit on the strange side: JKS says that when he needs to lose weight super fast he doesn’t consume any food at all; instead he just drinks Soju for 5 days straight. The alcohol rids his body of water weight and makes his face look really thin.

Well ok, I know alcohol makes you go to the bathroom, but so does drinking a ton of water without the side effect of, umm, getting drunk o_0. I wonder how many bottles of Soju he drinks when he does this. I mean, if you’re not careful then one bottle alone can have you sliding off stools, so I can’t imagine downing that party in a bottle for 5 days straight.

Pretend the bottle is Soju!

What do you think of Jang Keun Suks Soju diet?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE