Upcoming KBS2 TV series Hello Monster is all set and ready to go with a confirmed cast and an updated title. Jang Na Ra and Seo In Guk have accepted the lead roles, and EXO's D.O will officially make a 2-episode cameo in the series. The official title for the series has changed from Hello Monster to I Remember You (너를 기억해).

First let's talk about the title. I Remember You and Hello Monster sound like they come from opposite ends of the drama spectrum. I guess the new title is much less creepy, but am I the only one who liked the original version better? I Remember You kind of sounds like it belongs in a drama where one lead character gets a heart transplant and then falls for the love of the original heart's owner. (Wait, that sounds familiar...) Or, alternately, it could be an over-the-top melodrama about first loves cruelly separated by fate and cancer.

As far as we know, this series will be neither of the above. I Remember You is described as a romantic comedy mixed with a crime thriller. Seo In Guk will play Lee Hyun, a genius criminal profiler. Jang Na Ra plays Cha Ji Ahn, an elite investigator who stalks Lee Hyun for a mysterious reason. 

D.O will make his first drama appearance sinceIt's Okay, That's Love. His role is limited to the first two episodes of the series, but it will be an important role nonetheless. All we know so far is that his character, Jo Young, will appear in early flashbacks.

I Remember You is currently set for a June 22 premiere, following the conclusion of School 2015

What do you think of the official cast? Can you envision a romance between Jang Na Ra and Seo In Guk? Any guesses on how D.O's character will be involved? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Source: ViaVia