jangyoonjung2 jangyoonjung3 DramaFever recently shared news about singer Jang Yoon Jung’s complicated financial and family problems. Jang Yoon Jung confessed on Healing Camp that her mother and younger brother used her entire savings without her knowledge and left her debt that adds up to almost 1000,000,000 won (almost a million USD). Jang Yoon Jung's mother and brother appeared on the cable show to explain the situation.

Her brother prepared a list of the family expenses. According to him, from 2003-2012, real estate purchases were 3,100,000,000 won, Jang Yoon Jung management fees were 1,770,000,000 won, family expenses were 1,830,000,000 won, and his business investments were 600,000,000 won. He also explained that the debt that Jang Yoon Jung talked about is part of the loan to cover the real estate expenses.

We don’t know who is telling a more accurate story, but what’s clear is that Jang Yoon Jung’s brother used her money for his business. And though the details aren't given, the family expense portion of the list takes up a rather big chunk of the total.