Singer Jang Yoon Jung and her fiance, anchor Do Kyung Wan, are all set for their wedding this week. The president of KBS, Gil Hwan Young, will be the officiant of the wedding, and comedian Lee Hwi Jae will be the wedding MC. Even though many prominent singers -- including Geomi, Hwayobi, and Park Hyun Bin -- will be singing for the couple, the groom volunteered to also sing at the wedding. Their wedding management company said in an interview that, “During their wedding prep, the two have been always respecting each other’s ideas … especially anchor Do Kyung Wan added special meanings to every details of the wedding and Jang Yoon Jung was moved.”

It’s good to hear that, despite all the family and financial misfortunes Jang Yoon Jung’s been through, their wedding prep is going wonderfully.