If there’s a Korean singer who appeals to both the younger and older generation, it would have to be Jang Yoon Jung. Many of you might not know about her because she gained fame as a trot singer (trot, pronounced as "teuroteu" by Koreans, is an older version of Korean pop music). She became one of the most famous trot singers only when she was in her mid-20s. However, because of her young age, she’s been frequently appearing with other K-pop stars.

In an incredibly sweet gesture, Jang Yoon Jung recently appeared at her fans’ wedding. The two fans met each other through her fan club. She handed the couple an envelope as the wedding gift and it turned out to be 10,000,000 won (around $9000)! She must be a very generous person. What do you think of Jang Yoon Jung's gift to the new couple? (Source: www.xportsnews.hankyung.com)