Gantz Movie Japanese movieOn June 7, Japan Cuts begins its fifth year of bringing the best of Japanese cinema to America! Thirty-two Japanese movies, chock full of American premieres, will play until July 22. Full list of films is below with links for more info and tickets. For more info, visit! Check out the full list of Special Guest Actors, Actresses, and Directors! Thursday, July 7 Buddha 6:45 PM Ringing in their Ears 9 PMFriday, July 8 Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano 7 PM Battle Royale 9:15 PM Saturday, July 9 Gantz: The Movie, Part 1 SOLD OUT Gantz, Part II: Perfect Answer - SOLD OUT Ninja Kids!!! 6 PM Yakuza Weapon 8:15 PM + After Party! Sunday, July 10 Buddha 12:30 PM Heaven’s Story 2:45 PM Milocrorze: A Love Story 8 PM + Q&A with Yoshimasa Ishibashi (director) Tuesday, July 12 Sword of Desperation 6:30 PM The Last Ronin 9 PM Wednesday, July 13 Rinco’s Restaurant 6:30 PM Birthright (a.k.a. Umbilical Cord) 9 PM Thursday, July 14 Rail Truck 6:30 PM Yuki and Nina 9 PM Friday, July 15 Toilet 6:15 PM Three☆Points 8:30 PM* + Q&A with Masashi Yamamoto (director) and Sora Aoi (actress) After Party! Saturday, July 16 Love Addiction 2:30 PM The Seaside Motel 4:30 PM + Q&A with Kentaro Moriya (director) A Liar and a Broken Girl 7:15 PM + Q&A with Natsuki Seta (director) Love and Treachery 10:30 PM Sunday, July 17 The Knot 2 PM Torso 4 PM Strangers in the City 6:15 PM A Night in Nude: Salvation 9 PM Tuesday, July 19 Sketches of Kaitan City 6:30 PM Control Tower 9:30 PM Wednesday, July 20 Haru’s Journey 7 PM + Q&A with Masahiro Kobayashi (director) and Reception Thursday, July 21 Vengeance Can Wait 7 PM Wandering Home 9 PM Friday, July 22 Into the White Night 7 PM + Closing Party