And now I think everybody can stop inventing things. The country known for its Kit Kat obsession has gone ahead and created something I think the whole world can get behind, a Kit Kat pizza.

For those of you who are worrying that those tasty chocolate treats will be covered in tomato sauce in a weird pizza madness, fear not because this Kit Kat pie is a dessert pizza. The dessert pies come with mango and Kit Kats all spread generously over classic pizza dough. The pizzas also have the added bonus of being very affordable as a small one is 1,390 yen (around $13) and a medium size is 1,680 yen (around $16). We're not sure if there are bigger sizes but we know we could eat one as big as a desk. The amazing treats are available through August 31st at Strawberry Cones in Japan and Napoli no Kama in Japan.

Photos credit "Fuel Kitty"

Photo credit "hpi9023"