Try to remember when you were a kid and getting shaved ice as a treat in the summer was just about the greatest thing in the world. Now imagine if you grew up in Japan and you were served what may possibly be the tallest shaved ice in the world.

The Skytree Shaved Ice, which is the signature item on the menu of an udon shop in Miyazaki prefecture, of all places, is an astounding 60cm tall and weighs 2 kilograms. Many who frequent this establishment assume the Skytree Shaved Ice was made after the tallest tower in Japan, Tokyo Skytree, which was completed in 2012. But the fact is that the shaved ice came first, long before Tokyo Skytree was even envisioned. Make that 30 years before. But, of course, they used to just call it just Shaved Ice. They later named it after the tower in Tokyo.

Despite its height and volume, Skytree Shaved Ice costs only 500 to 700 yen, the equivalent of 5 to 7 dollars. The flavors are Strawberry, Melon, Hawaiian Blue, Mango, and even Miyazaki's very own mysterious citrus, Hyuganatsu, along with other delicious options.

I can just imagine all the little kids in Miyazaki geeking out this summer when they see for the first time the tallest shaved ice in world on the table in front of them...and it's all theirs.

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