Japan has a lot of novelty items, but none look as delicious as these new smartphone cases, made by a company that specializes in making mouth-watering plastic food samples for restaurants around the country.

Besides being known as one of the top international destinations for foodies around the world, Japan is also known to have the most realistic plastic food samples anywhere. Displayed in glass cases outside many restaurants, these sample menu items are used to entice customers into coming in. So instead of just reading descriptions on a menu, or even looking at photos, diners can choose where and what to eat by looking at colorful plastic re-creations of what's offered at respective restaurants.  And what's most impressive about these plastic samples is their resemblance to the actual menu items themselves. They literally look like real food, which isn't surprising coming from a country that takes craftsmanship very seriously. The color and texture of the samples will most definitely wet anybody's appetite, which is the whole point of displaying them by the entrance of a restaurant. 

So why would anybody want any of these delicious-looking plastic food samples as a smartphone case? Well, people are always on their phones these days, and food makes people happy. And if you've got a favorite food that you can use as a case for your device, why not? You can protect your phone, and let the world know exactly what food you love to eat the most. But maybe not a good idea for those in the middle of a diet . . .


Beef over rice

Mapo tofu

Curry rice


Chilli shrimp

Soba noodles


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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