cute roll Meet the deco-roll, the latest artistic food trend from Japan! Taking the humble jelly roll cake to new heights of creativity, these cakes celebrate holidays, mimic animal prints, pay homage to great works of art, and even honor famous Americans! Making one yourself is surprisingly easy, but take a look at these delightful "deco-rolls": fruits roll strawberry roll   Yes, this is a slice of giraffe.   giraffe roll cheetah roll   Now for something a little more cultured! edo roll samurai roll   Flower power! flower roll Of course, every holiday deserves a special jelly roll.   jack o lantern roll christmas roll   Steve Jobs gets the jelly roll treatment in this iCake. Steve Jobs roll Even President Obama gets the cake treatment. obama roll   It's actually not that difficult to make your own deco-roll. Head over to Umamimart for their new how-to!