Have you missed Signal? Well we have good news!

Japan wants drama lovers to experience the heart-stopping thriller all over again when Kansai TV brings a new version of Signal to television this spring. Actor Kentaro Sakaguchi takes over the leading role made famous by Lee Je Hoon.

Overseas fans are highly anticipating the 26-year-old heartthrob's gripping performance as the criminal profiler. “Following an agreement with the drama’s production company A Story, the rights to remake Signal have been sold to Kansai TV," a source from Studio Dragon said today.

In September 2016, Japan did a special preview by airing two episodes of the Korean series. They aired the thriller in its entirety the following month. Actors Lee Je Hoon, Kim Hye Soo and Jo Jin Woong starred in the shocking K-drama about people transcending time to solve cold cases. A detective from the past connects with ones from the present-day to find justice for so many innocent victims. The Korean series was based on real life cold cases from 1986-1991.

The Japanese version of Signal is scheduled to premiere in April on Fuji TV. Watch the K-drama series Signal here on DramaFever. What do you think about the upcoming remake?

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