Japanese musician Kagome-P faced criticism from netizens after releasing the animated music video Wonderful Japan. Some say the song plagiarizes the ubiquitous mega-hit Gangnam Style from South Korean rapper Psy. The controversy apparently stems from the video title on Youtube, which refers to Wonderful Japan as an "original song," rather than a parody of Gangnam Style. Other people commented that the whole project was just for fun, and that the criticism was pointless. Kagome-P finally addressed the critics on Twitter, saying: "I want to say that I like Gangnam Style, and wanted to make a song beyond it. I intended to make a parody, but it's not up to me to judge whether it is plagiarism.” Check out Kagome-P's Wonderful Japan video here: Do you think there's any merit in the case against Kagome-P, or is Wonderful Life just a fun song?