Fingernail art has been in fashion for quite some time now, having evolved into elaborate designs, accessories, and even paintings. Japanese artist SAYOKO took it to another level, creating fingernail objects that look like some popular Japanese snacks.

Forget licking your fingers after helping yourself to some Cheetos. SAYOKO, a young artist from Japan, recently showed off her newest work: fingernail objects to be put on your fingertips. What makes these objects special is her inspiration. She made acrylic nail pieces of Japan's favorite snacks!

Her line includes Tongari Corn, Kinoko no Yama, Apollo, and Hello Panda, all snacks that have at least been around for a few decades. "I wanted to challenge myself by making snacks that everybody knows. If they look fake, people are going to notice, so I had to make them as real-looking as possible." She seems to have been successful. If these nail objects were laying around, I probably would make the mistake if putting them in my mouth.

SAYOKO is one of Japan's, if not world's, leading nail artists and designers. She won the 2013 Tokyo Nail Expo Nailist Championship, and she's been featured in Chanel's internal magazine and other mainstream European fashion magazines for her work, which also includes high-end miniature bags, the Eiffel Tower, shirt and tie, and pretty much anything under the sun. One of the coolest things about her is who she credits for her inspiration: Florence Griffith-Joyner, the legendary track star, who was known in the late 80s for her over-the-top nails.

Unfortunately, her pieces aren't for sale... yet. In the meantime, enjoy the photos of some of her work. Truly ORIGINAL.

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