A Japanese artist, in collaboration with JP Aerospace (America's volunteer based do-it-yourself space program), sent a bonsai tree and other plants into outer space, and the photos are out of this world.

Japanese artist Makoto Azuma's new project is called "Exobiotanica Botanical Space Flight." By tying a 50-year-old bonsai tree and arranged orchids, hydrangeas, lilies and some irises to a giant helium balloon, Azuma successfully got them into outer space, something he himself always wanted to do. "This is a dream come true for me," he said. He built frames for the display, attached six GoPro cameras, and launched the balloons from Black Rock Desert in Nevada, home of the Burning Man Festival. "I wanted to explore how flowers and plants would bloom, decay and change outside of the earth. I wanted to seek and tell how their beauties will look with the earth as its background."

As you can see, they look absolutely stunning.

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