A pastry shop in Fukushima, Japan, is having some fun with the worldwide craze for Apple products by introducing its own take: new iPie 6 Plus!

Yes, this giant iPie is also an apple product, and it's exactly the same size as an iPhone 6 Plus. Tarōan, which has proudly served the people of Fukushima for over 65 years, is bringing some laughs to those who don't have much to be laughing about these days. It's not even brought up in media outlets in Japan, but Fukushima still suffers from radioactivity following the 2011 earthquake.

The owner of Tarōan wanted to give residents something to smile about however, and that's why he's created this giant Apple iPie 6 Plus, available for 302 yen (a little less than 3 dollars US). Whether people waited in lines for days to buy this apple product, I have no idea. 

Same size!