Black widow spiders got their fearsome name because the females sometimes kill the males after mating. But sometimes it happens in the human world, too. For instance, take the 67-year-old Japanese woman who was just arrested in Tokyo for (allegedly) similar behavior. 

On Wednesday, November 19, Tokyo police arrested 67-year-old Chisako Kakehi for suspicion of killing her current husband by cyanide poisoning. It was also revealed that her previous 6 husbands or partners had died under questionable circumstances.

It will be easier to list the deceased in a timeline.

In 1994, Chisako's first husband died at the age of 54. (Chisako would have been 47 that year.)

In 2006, her second husband, whom she had met through a dating agency, died of stroke at 69.

In 2008, her third husband died at the age of 75.

In 2009, a boyfriend, who was believed to be suffering from cancer, died.

In 2012, her fiance died after collapsing while riding a motorbike. Medical reports said traces of cyanide were detected in his body.

In 2013, her 75-year-old boyfriend died suddenly in September after the couple ate at a restaurant.

In 2013, her number-4 husband died in December, only two months after the couple married. Highly toxic cyanide compounds were found in his blood.

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If her crime is proven, a possible motive is money, as she is a millionaire after having inherited assets and received insurance payments totalling 800 million yen (or US $6.8 million) over the last 20 years.

The police say they are investigating carefully because they don't know if the previous deaths are the result of natural causes or foul play due to the deceased men's advanced age.

Chisako says she is innocent. In March, she told reporters, "If people suspect murder, I'd find it easier to bite my tongue off and die." In another interview, she said she was "doomed by fate" to suffer a series of deaths among those close to her.

(photos: gistmania)