In the world of body modification, trends come and go. Some are mainstream, others freaky, while some, like the "Bagel Head" trend, are just strangely weird...but in a cute way. 

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Back in 2012 National Geographic discovered one such weirdly cute trend in Japan known as "Bagel Head." It involved people with a desire to have a bagel shape protruding from their foreheads, and they achieved such a look through a saline drip. 

Step One: Have a skilled body modification artist insert a saline drip into the middle of your forehead.

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Step Two: Sit around for 2 hours allowing your forehead to fill with 400 milliliters of saline.

Step Three: Allow your body modification artist to press his thumb into your swollen forehead in order to create an indentation. 

Step Four: Receive compliments on how cute your new bagel forehead looks. 

Step Five: Take as many photos as possible of your bagel friend because in around 16 hours, the saline will absorb into your body and your forehead will once again be "normal."

To watch these three people achieve their little bagel friends, check out the short video clip below!

There are a few risks that do come along with this type of body modification procedure. For instance, you could get a bacterial infection if the saline solution isn't sterile, you can suffer dehydration if the wrong type of saline is used, and if you do this repeatedly you run the risk of permanently stretching the skin of the forehead. 

Not many people in Japan were running around with saline bagel heads in 2012; this was more of an underground trend, but what do you think? If you saw someone with a bagel head, would you think it was cute or creepy?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE