The Japanese take care of their cats and will do almost anything to make them happy, as seen by the release of the cat kotatsu, a miniature version of the traditional electrically heated table.

Certain parts of Japan get very cold in wintertime, and central heating does not exist for the majority of homes. To cope with freezing winter nights, many Japanese people will get cozy by sitting in a kotatsu, which is a small, electrically heated table. With a heater attached to the bottom and a blanket to cover your lower body, you will be minutes away from falling asleep. You literally feel like a cozy cat.

Anyone who has a kotatsu AND a cat will tell you how much cats love snuggling in them. UNIHABITAT, a pet product brand in Japan, felt that cats shouldn't feel like they're intruding every time they get comfortable in a kotatsu meant for humans, so they developed the world's first kotatsu made specifically for cats. They may not have the vocabulary to express their gratitude, but the expressions on their faces say more than words ever could. And all this comfort for only 2500 yen, or about 20 dollars. Unfortunately for cats though, there's no heater attached. This is pure cosplay. But probably pretty warm!

It's freezing here in New York, and just imagining sitting in a kotatsu is making me fall asleep.


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Now that looks comfy.