In recent years, Japanese companies have started to join in on April Fools' Day, and by the look of some of these ads, some people are definitely getting fooled.

If you're not one to always be aware of what day or date it is, you might actually be fooled by some of these ads. Many Japanese companies created actual advertisements for April Fools' Day, and here are some of the funniest ones for your viewing pleasure.

Internet giant Rakuten, which runs Japan's largest e-commerce site, came out with this announcement: "All of our web content will now all be in English."

Rakuten Website: "We are making our website all English"

Here's one from Yahoo! Wi-Fi: "New Service, The Wi-Fi Beeper!"

Red Bull Japan: "Red Bullo Energy and Sugar Bath Salts."

Domino's Pizza Japan: "Helium Gas Pizza. Funny voice with one bite!"

Hanamaru Udon: "Magma Udon Noodles."


Arnold Schwarzenegger's "The Last Stand" website: "Let's Change Japan Together. Schwarzenegger Running for House of Councillors."

Those magma udon noodles look delicious though.