"That smells so good I'd buy it if they made it into a perfume!" We all have our favorite aromas, and if they were made available for purchase in a bottle, many of us would be opening our wallets. For those who can't resist the sweet smell of a cat's head, your wish is now granted — a perfume company in Japan has bottled it up for you to spray it on anything you want.

After four months of extensive research, Yamamoto Perfumery of Japan has successfully bottled the sweet aroma of a cat's forehead so that cat lovers can be around the smell whenever they please. If you own a cat and you two are separated for whatever reason, you can spray this "Fabric Water" on anything you want, and your pain will slowly ease. With just a few sprays, your hotel pillow, for example, will have the scent of your fluffy feline, making your lonely nights on that business trip turn into an imaginary cuddle session with your cute little cat. And if you don't own a cat, you can spray it on a cushion, close you eyes, and take a whiff, and it'll feel just like you own one. Purrrfect!

The company, called Fellisimo, has a line-up of cat-related products, but this Fabric Water is its signature creation. Made available on December 5, the spray costs only 1200 yen, or about 10 dollars, with a fraction of all sales going to the company's cat charity. Yes, I think the owners of Fellisimo like cats.

If you're a cat lover yourself, you can check out the company website at http://www.nekobu.com.