The frenzy behind the release of iPhone 6 is still fresh in a lot of our minds, and if you were one of the folks who purchased one, you're probably pretty excited and happy with what you got. The much-hyped bigger screens of these new iPhones have everybody talking, but people with small fingers are talking for different reasons.

The bigger screens may be awesome for most, but it's not like your fingers get bigger with every new iPhone. And that is a problem for some. In Japan, where many people have smaller hands than their western counterparts, these bigger screens may be more pain than gain. How are you supposed to tap and navigate the top of a 4.7 inch screen if you have tiny hands and fingers?

Here's how! A creative company in Japan has just released the add-on thumb, for those who keep up with the times but whose body parts don't. If gadgets you buy are too big for your small fingers, what are you going to do? Get the add-on thumb developed by Thanko, that's what!

With this finger, you'll easily be able to navigate your new iPhone screen, even with your tiny fingers. Because the add-on thumb is skin-color, no need to for strangers to notice or for you to be embarrassed.

Because having tiny hands and short fingers should not prevent you from getting an iPhone 6!

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