There's no denying that high heels do look stylish, but there's also no denying that they're probably the most uncomfortable shoes a human being can wear. However, thanks to a talented designer from Japan, women may soon be able to go out and rock the town in a pair of actually comfortable high heel shoes.

Yasuyuki Yamada, the inventor of the YaCHAIKA high heel shoe, is a biomechatronics researcher at Tokyo's Chuo University. For his research, Yasuyuki designed and created a high heel shoe that minimizes the pain and stress inflicted on a woman's foot when walking. Instead of the standard heels, the YaCHAIKA has  curved spring-like heels, which will cushion each step so you can actually look and feel comfortable while also looking and feeling hot.

Recently, Yasuyuki was nominated for the esteemed James Dyson Award, an international student design award run by the James Dyson Foundation. In October, he plans on showcasing his creation at Tokyo Design Week. Keep your eyes open. You may be seeing and wearing some comfortable high heel shoes sooner than you think.

YaCHAIKA video

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