The 2014 FIFA World Cup is well underway in Brazil, and the whole world is watching their teams compete for the championship. Unfortunately for the people of Japan, their team lost the first game they played by a score of 2 -1 against the Ivory Coast. But, apparently, team Japan's supporters are considered winners by many, because of their actions after the heartbreaking defeat.

A lot of people noticed, and made a point to take photos of or write about, the Japanese supporters at the stadium for the first round match between Japan and the Ivory Coast. Even after most of the crowd of over 40,000 had left, many Japanese supporters stayed, not to show support for the team or drown their sorrows, but to clean up after themselves and others in their cheering section. Images of them bending over and picking up trash made the rounds, with media outlets from all over the world reporting on this exceptional behavior. It's nice to read about people like this, and of course it doesn't matter where they're from. Common courtesy and politeness go a very long way, and it's still very much alive and well. If everyone just did their part and acted in a respectful way towards others and their surroundings, we'd all be better off.

But I'll be the first to admit, it's easier said than done. Cuz when I go to Yankee stadium and sit in the stands, I eat peanuts and drink beer, and I know where that ends up...

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