A few days ago, Justin Bieber made an appearance on Japan's most popular weekly music show, where he performed his new single, "What Do You Mean?" Japanese Beliebers went crazy, but fans of idol group AKB48, who also were guests on the show, are now none too pleased. Minami Takahashi, a veteran of Japan's biggest selling girl group of all time, tweeted a photo of a backstage kiss she received from Justin, and her fans are venting their frustrations online. Some of the reactions of the most diehard fans are just plain scary.

AKB48, with its over 140 members of girls in their early teens to mid-twenties, is so popular in Japan that they have become a social phenomenon. Named after the Akihabara district in Tokyo, which is popular for electronics, animation, and otaku culture, the group boasts some of the most passionate fans in the world. So when these fans saw a photo of one of their idols getting kissed by Justin Bieber backstage at Music Station, they let their feelings be known.

Some were not so upset at Minami's tweet. "What a lovely photo!" wrote one fan. "Miami looks so cute," wrote another. But reactions like these were the exception. Japanese idols are marketed to be innocent and pure, which many fans take way too seriously. One fan responded with "Justin, keep your hands off Minami!" And, as expected, some jealous fans were upset at Minami for her "immoral" behavior. "And to think I trusted her..." wrote a dejected follower. The diehards were livid, expressing their anger towards Minami. "Shave your head and make a public apology tomorrow!" demanded an upset fan. "Keep your white man fetish under control!"

But of course, AKB48 fans were more forgiving to their favorite girl than to the real culprit, Justin Bieber himself. "I hate JB! You going to die!"

Fortunately for 24-year-old Minami, she has announced her "graduation" from the group, which means she won't have to deal with angry strangers telling her to shave her head anymore just for getting a kiss on the cheek.

The photo that sparked the rage!

Fans saw it coming...

Moments before the controversial kiss!

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