Nagatanien, known in Japan for their many food products such as furikake (seasoning flakes), instant ochazuke (green tea over rice with various ingredients), instant miso soups, etc., is offering a very Japanese limited edition cushion as a promotion for their line of instant ochazukes. Since Nagatanien has been sponsoring the Japan Sumo Association since 2002, they've decided to use their sumo connections, and came up with what possibly is the coolest cushion ever made. 

5000 lucky winners in Japan are going to have in their possession the Endo Cushion, a large cushion with professional sumo wrestler Endo's very own butt cheeks imprinted on it. Mind you, this isn't some classless and mindless attempt for attention! Sumo wrestlers in Japan are very respected, revered for their status as wrestlers of a traditional, national sport that has been around, mostly unchanged, since the time of the samurai. The humongous wrestlers walk around town in their kimonos and samurai hair, exciting passers-by, who take photos on their phones of the surprise encounters.

Nagatanien, a household food company, has been a main sponsor of the Sumo Association for over ten years, and to promote their various flavors of ochazuke, they've enlisted Endo, a young up-and-coming homegrown superstar in a sumo world dominated in recent years by Mongolian sumo wrestlers. Their hasn't been a Japanese grand champion, or yokozuna, since 1998, and many fans all over Japan are hoping Endo becomes the next, long-awaited champion. And what better way for Nagatanien to promote their products than to put this superstar sumo wrestler on a cushion? Since just putting Endo's face on the cushion didn't seem interesting enough, the creative geniuses at Nagatanien decided to put Endo's butt cheeks on the cushion, right where fans can put their butts on it to sit, or even they're faces when taking a little nap. But not to worry, the other side of the cushion has another photo of Endo, this time taken from the front.

I really want one.

Front side

Sweet sumo dreams

100 winners win autographed hand prints, 5000 win cushions!

Ready for a battle

Coolest ad ever!