Dance Dance Revolution, originally an arcade game released in Japan in 1998, has become popular all over the world, having become available over the years on Playstation, Xbox, Wii, and even on cellphones. A video has surfaced of a young Japanese male playing at an arcade, and his dance skills are blowing away people all over the world.

Ever since Dance Dance Revolution came out, I remember seeing young Japanese adults playing these dancing games in the arcades, some of them there alone, moving their feet along with the game while having the most serious expressions on their faces. Some were so good, I used to wonder why they didn't just go out and actually dance. But none were as good, or even close to, the guy in the video below. He's so good it's actually hilarious!

The name of the game is DanceDanceRevolution X3 vs 2ndMIX PARANOiA REVOLUTION. And you're about to see the best player in the entire world. He's obviously a pro; he's even taken off his shoes before playing. "Ouch! Doesn't the skin peel off the bottom of his feet?" asked one Japanese viewer. That's what I was wondering.

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Just another day at the arcade