A Japanese teenager recently visited the National Palace Museum in Taiwan and saw the painting of someone whose resemblance to her was so stunning that she took a selfie. It's a scene reminiscent of the time-travel historical drama Scarlet Heart, when a modern woman sees herself in an ancient painting. Naturally the selfie has gone viral! Who is the regal lady in the portrait?

Yuki is a 16-year-old Japanese girl who recently went to Taiwan during a school trip. When she visited an exhibit at the world famous National Palace Museum, she couldn't help but notice her double in an ancient portrait of a queen from the Yuan dynasty.

She took a selfie and posted it with the comment, "Here is my previous life."

She probably just meant to share it with her friends for fun, but the tweeted selfie has gone viral, and it's already been retweeted over 61,000 times to date. 

Even the National Palace Museum has taken notice and posted the news to its Facebook.

The regal lady in the portrait is an unidentified queen from the Yuan dynasty, which was established by the great Kublai Khan, who became the Emperor of China and ruled over present day Mongolia, China, and Korea.

The exhibit that Yuki visited is called "Elegant Gathering of the Princess: The Culture of Appreciating and Collecting Art at the Mongol Yuan Court." According to the museum's archive, in the spring of 1323, Princess Sengge Ragi, a great-granddaughter of Kublai Khan, held an exhibit to display her collected works of Chinese paintings and calligraphy. The museum's current exhibit contains selected items from the original exhibit from hundreds of years ago.

The National Palace Museum in Taiwan houses some of the best treasures of ancient China. The artifacts were shipped to Taiwan for safekeeping when the Nationalist government of the Republic of China lost the civil war to the Chinese Communist Party and retreated to the island during the turbulent era. In Taiwan, the government built a huge palace-like museum near Taipei. It is now a must-visit destination for visitors to Taiwan.

The special exhibit is currently in progress until December 26. 

Do you believe in past lives? Have you ever looked at an old painting and noticed someone who looked like you?


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