Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan is known more for its mountains and historic hot springs than for progressive educational experiments, but a local high school just had one, conducting a "sex change day" so that both male and female students could experience what it felt like to be a member of the opposite sex.

The administration and teachers at Fuji Hokuryo High School obviously take educating their students very seriously. A few days ago on November 11, students participated in Sex Change Day, where those who wanted could wear school uniforms of the opposite sex (most high school kids wear uniforms to school) and literally walk in the other gender's shoes. This was strictly voluntary, and over 40% of the student body, 117 males and 182 females, participated in the all-day exercise.

The point of doing something like this, according to the administration, was to have students forget who they are supposed to be, to have them break free from themselves and try to understand what and how other people, especially those of the other gender, feel. Sounds like a very cool exercise.

The Japanese education system has, in the past, come under fire at times for not encouraging progressive thinking nor promoting individuality. This high school is obviously an exception to the rule.

"Maybe I can start wearing a skirt all the time!"

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