In the coming years, wearable devices are sure to become even more ingrained in our daily lives than they are now. In Japan, a country which has always prided itself in being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, even high school girls are getting in on the act of designing fashion technology of the future.

On March 17, nine high school girls from all over Japan participated in an event in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo to showcase wearable devices that they designed, ones that they would actually want to wear themselves. Most current wearable devices are not too stylish, making them not so appealing to fashionistas around the world. This event, which took place in Tokyo, was held in collaboration with Advanced Technologies Lab, the research and development arm of tech company Recruit Technologies. The nine talented girls went up on stage to individually introduce their designs and the inspiration behind them, impressing the attendees, which included both tech and mainstream press. 

This project of having high school girls design wearables of the future took off last summer, and plans are for it to continue, even though there are no plans as of yet to market any of these fashionable accessories. These prototypes, however, can connect to specific apps wirelessly, be used as timers and alarms, and be used as GPS devices, so these girls are definitely on to something. Someday in the near future, their electronic accessories will probably be a part of our daily lives.

Designer high school girls

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