Some of us love camping; others don't. A lot of kids these days have never gone camping before, especially ones born and raised in cities. To them, it just doesn't sound like that much fun, being out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do, and getting bitten by bugs you've never seen before. But thanks to a Japanese horror house, camping for some kids this summer got a little bit more exciting...

Obaken, a horror house in Shizuoka, Japan, is sponsoring a very special overnight camping and survival trip. Kids can sign up for a night in the woods, with yummy barbecuing and sleeping in tents and other typical camp activities lined up for them. What makes this camp different from all the rest are the creatures that await you in the dark woods after the sun goes down.


For some kids, even hearing leaves rustling or a little mysterious sound in the middle of the night while camping is enough to make them want to pack up, go home, and run into mama's and papa's arms. But at Obaken Zombie Camp, the kids have no choice but to face their fears. Running away from zombies is an official camp activity, participation required by all. Of course, all kids are aware of the situation before they take part. It's all in good scary, fun.

Of course, there may be a parent or two who wants to teach their little brat a lesson and keeps the zombie part secret. That's how you put kids in their place.

You scare em!

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