The producers of Japanese idols finally seem to be running out of ideas for their young stars, as seen by these outrageous photos of idol Miyuki Watanabe, nicknamed Milky, putting on a toilet-themed performance while trying to look as super cute as possible.

"Mom! I'm finally going to be an idol!"
"That's amazing sweetheart! What will you be wearing on stage?"
"Well...we're going to be dressed like rolls of toilet paper!"

It's understandable. A country and its people that have been obsessed with idols pretty much since the end of World War ll have probably come to the end of the road in terms of idol gimmicks. The days of pure and innocent idols dressed in cute, white one-piece dresses with short skirts and singing songs of their first loves may officially be coming to an end. Miyuki Watanabe, formerly of NMB 48 and AKB 48, has just gone where no idol has gone before, dressing up as toilet paper and singing while sticking her head out of a toilet bowl. The most amazing thing about all this is that Milky and the girls performing with her actually look like there's no place they'd rather be than on stage, singing and dancing around a toilet set for a large audience.

If anything, this young lady should be commended for her  professionalism and dedication. It takes a lot to do what she does, especially with the kind of enthusiasm she shows, whether feigned or not. It's true what they say. There's no business like show business.

She's won ME over!

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