When in love, sometimes you feel like you never want to be apart. Some couples go further than others, constantly spending time with each other, always holding hands, staring into each other's eyes every opportunity they can. An eyeglass craftsman in Japan who identifies with that love just invented a pair of eyeglasses for couples so that they really never, ever have to be apart.

If you wear glasses, or your lover does, and you two are so in love that you're pretty much always attached, here are the perfect pair of glasses for the both of you. The "Kiss Glasses" are the product of eyeglass maker Blinc Vase. After a long two years in development, the glasses are now finally available, but for a hefty price of 68,000 yen, which is almost 700 dollars. But that's nothing if you're in love. The only thing you can't share on these glasses are the ear and temple pieces on the frames. You share the glasses themselves, which can be adjusted to fit the individuals. Blinc Vase said in a statement, "We can adjust the bridge of the frame if you are European and have a larger nose."

With these new Kiss Glasses for lovers, you'll be kissing your sweetheart all day, all night.

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