Just plain lovers, curry lovers, and chocolate lovers can all rejoice with the release of the new chocolate curry, created specially for romantic Japanese couples who wish to celebrate their love for each other by chowing down on dinner and dessert at the same time.

Despite it seeming like a joke, online Japanese store Village Vanguard's chocolate curry actually has some elements that make it sound quite delicious, but apparently, don't really do the trick. Made mostly with the obvious curry and chocolate, the self-advertised-as-disgusting meal's other ingredients are as follows: banana puree, sautéed onions, sugar, chutney, onion extract, curry powder, and other spices. Sounds not that bad, right? Priced at 540 yen, or about 4.70 in US dollars, this unique dinner-for-one promises to at least be the cheapest Valentine's meal you can ever have. You obviously have to double the price for a romantic homemade dinner-for-two, but you don't even have to pay for dessert! All you have to do is remember to cook some rice beforehand.

With only two more weeks until Valentine's Day, demand in Japan for this special curry is said to be . . . very, very low.

"Happy chocolate flavor"


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