Do women still have to choose between money or love? A Japanese magazine recently conducted a survey by asking its female readers if they'd rather date an ugly millionaire or a gorgeous but unemployed hunk. Let's see if you agree with the result.

The March edition of fashion magazine AneCan debuts a new regular column, "Which Would You Choose?" by asking 1,000 Japanese women whether they'd have as their boyfriend an ugly man with an annual income of 300 million yen (US$2.5 million) or a handsome man who is unemployed.

If the magazine editors had thought the choice would be difficult, they were probably surprised by the result.

When the votes came in, it was clear the unemployed hottie didn't stand much chance. 75.5% of the women picked the financially successful but unattractive man as their would-be boyfriend. Since we are not talking about marriage, perhaps some of them would be interested in taking both of them, judging from some online comments. However, the survey only asked to choose one or the other.

Here's the pie chart showing 75.5% for the ugly millionaire vs. 24.5 for the unemployed hottie:

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It should be noted that the readers of this magazine are mostly women in their late 20s and early 30s, so they are more than likely to have had some life experience and would prefer financial stability over a pretty face.

What do you think? If you were faced with this choice, which would you choose? 

 ~ NancyZdramaland