Dancing Japanese Mascots Japan is so crazy and I love it! I mean, WHAT IS THIS?! A bunch of super cute mascots like a daisy and sushi roll participating in a synchronized dance in order to create the largest synchronized dancing mascot world record. Like, okay, um?! I couldn't stop laughing, especially at the black bear in the front who was totally adding flare and fabulousness to the moves. The flower pot next to him couldn't even move his arms, haaaa! Supposedly, 141 mascots participated in the event back in January and at the end to celebrate, Queen's "We are the Champions" was blasted. You have to watch this! It's so weird and cute! If you could dress up as any of those mascots, which one would it be? I personally would be the flower pot because the plant's face cracks me up! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source: http://weird.stareastasia.com/)