When I was a kid, I would travel back and forth between Japan and the United States, and I actually remember noticing the differences in the portion sizes of the menu items at McDonald's. A medium American Coke was a large Japanese one, and it was same with the fries. I may have only been five years old, but the observations I made over thirty years ago have just been officially verified, as seen in this new list of portion comparisons from McDonald's all over the world

American serving sizes of meals in restaurants are huge compared to those of Japan, and probably a lot of other countries. Japanese visitors to the United States are often blown away by the portions of the food and drinks they're served, and if you look at this list of soft drink cups from McDonald's from all over the world, you'll actually see that it's not only Japan and the States that have different serving sizes, but all countries have their own respective sizes.

And don't forget about the Supersize Meals.

Here's a list of worldwide McDonald's drink servings, from smallest to largest. (left to right in the photo)

1. Japan

2. India

3. Hong Kong

4. Great Britain

5. Australia

6. United States

7. Canada

8. Singapore

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White lines indicate American sizes

Video courtesy of BuzzFeed