g-dragon_japanesemodel Japanese Top model Masuwaka Tsubasa's recent comment regarding BIG BANG's successful leader G-Dragon has garnered a negative response from fans. On a talk show, Masuwaka told a story about when she went to BIG BANG's concert held in Japan last year and revealed that G-Dragon had put his arms around her when posing for a picture. After commenting that she has no experience with any other guys other than her ex-husband of eight years, she revealed, "I didn't like G-Dragon's actions." And to make matters more awkward, one of the other talk show guests was BIG BANG's Daesung. After the show aired, she was inundated with negative comments from BIG BANG fans and other netizens who criticized her for being "inconsiderate" towards G-Dragon. As a response, Masuwaka tweeted, "I was joking. But if you guys were offended, I'm sorry." However, the hate comments did not stop and fans demanded her to officially apologize. Do you think Masuwaka was wrong to make such a comment? (Source: www.naver.com)